About Nathalie Morettoni's Chloropyhl

Music has been part of Nathalie Morettoni since she was a child. Her father was musician, played guitar and violin in a band, so the music was always present in her home. The daughter of an Italian immigrant family sang in the children's choir and took music lessons from an early age.

At 15 she was already singer in a rock band and became later a part of the Dudelange music scene - a time she likes to remember as she met many musicians before this stage of her life fell silent for a while.

It was shortly before 2010 that the mother of two fell in love with this musical world again. She started singing in a choir again, quickly also as a soloist and did jam sessions with smaller bands. Somehow she couldn't let go of the thought of doing her own music, according to her ideas, especially since she has always enjoyed writing her own lyrics and composing music. Various artists encouraged her to take this step and so she founded her own band Nathalie Morettoni's Chlorophyl six years ago.

Originally a duo, other musicians gradually joined them. Today, the band consists of three other members: Benny Deleuran (e-bass), Quentin Guastaferri (drums and percussion), Julia Belova (piano).

The group played over 40 concerts in 2018 before retiring to the studio in January to record their first album. On the occasion of the release concert at the end of April, many additional musicians and singers joined the band on stage.

Nathalie Morettoni

The band describes their music as chamber folk - romantic, dreamy and melancholy. It is Nathalie Morettoni, lead singer, who writes the lyrics and composes the music. The process is very different from writing and composing. She has extremely fine hearing and gets inspired by sounds that stimulate words and so the right melody. The whole piece gradually comes together from pieces of a puzzle to a finished song.
The 50-year-old is very open to suggestions  and discusses with her band members on what could be changed. "We allow ourselves a lot of freedom - especially at concerts - and don't necessarily follow the strict structures. That's the beauty of it", says Nathalie Morettoni.

Today, Nathalie Morettoni is working at the Déifferdenger Museksschoul, which happens to be a coincidence. Moving to Differdange allowed the singer to make many new musical acquaintances, for example Claire Parsons, with whom she took jazz singing courses and with whom she has been close friends since. The latter encouraged her fellow singer to keep her naturalness and love for chaos. The last couple of years have had a number of good experiences that have changed her life. The singer is extremely grateful for this and therefore named her album Serependity.

Because of her work at the music school, where she is responsbile for the jazz section, this genre is becomingmore and more part of her music. In the meantime she has already passed the 2nd mention in jazz, is attending masterclasses and jazz piano courses and has refreshed her solfège. She is now a singer in the jazz combo of the school, which is led by Pol Belardi.

The folk is clearly Nathalie Morettoni's direction, to which she remains true. It will always be part of her music, as well as the classical elements that she owes to ther original vocal training (classical singing and musical).

Music is undoubtedly an intergral part, both in professional life and in the free time of the singer. She is passionate about listening to music herself, is open to everything, but has a clearly preference for experimental Scandinavian music. She also travels a lot, which allows her to find new inspiration for her music.